With fans going bananas over the National Soccer

J: Hey, they’re bigger pockets listeners. This is J Scott, and if you’re like me finding great investment opportunities these days is getting really, really tough especially when it comes to buying rental properties. Now, I’ve written and talked a lot over the past few months about the importance of adding cash flow and rental properties to your portfolio especially at this point in the economic cycle, which is one of the reasons why I’m thrilled that our show this week is sponsored by Roofstock.

But perhaps the most exciting event this week is my interaction with a northern flicker a beautiful woodpecker with a spotted chest and bold colors that include bright yellow on its tail, a strip of red at the back of its head, and a peach face. If you read my column last week, you’ll know that in several years of photographing birds, I’d never managed to snap a photo of a northern flicker. Well, I Cheap Jerseys china finally did it..

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